Meet Us

We met 15 years ago over a long, lazy lunch discussing the best way to make a caesar salad dressing. We had a great lunch, agreed on the fact that there is probably more than one great way and the rest as they say is history.

A love affair has turned into a culinary adventure; two award winning gastro pubs, a cliff edge restaurant, an outside catering company and a growing list of clients who invite us to cook all over the globe.


For the past 4 years our catering company has been based  up here at our mountain farmhouse  in Andalucia.  We love this part of the world, blessed with an explosion of  locally grown fruit and vegetables. We travel widely across Andalucia, cooking in all manner of situations. And when we're not you can find us farming our olive trees, holding supper club events  and well, just loving life. 

What HE said about HER

Diana is just the best cook I know. Nothing fazes her and her love for good company, large tables full of colourful dishes and laughter, lots of laughter shines through in her cooking. Massive ability, a deep understanding for what works and what doesn't , butchers meat and fillets fish like a pro and is without question, the Queen of Tarts

What SHE said about HIM

Ian is ... exacting. His eye for detail and his drive for perfection is extraordinary. He is an incredibly creative cook and will try anything, combining flavours, textures and techniques to produce dishes of which I am simply in awe. Luckily he doesn't like producing puddings, otherwise we would probably come to blows!  He makes a perfect foil for my more ad hoc cooking style.

What THEY say about US

" This gorgeous couple are creative chefs and brilliant hosts "

" The food and hosts are simply brilliant "

 " Excellent hosts, fun company and creative food "

" Your food is top class, high quality, creative, interesting and above all, delicious "